The unparalleled attraction to Hip Hop has kept this Jamaica, Queens born emcee determined to build a legacy and bring fame to his moniker Fidel Cashflow. For the past several years he has expanded the Pure Cash Entertainment brand into music, video and film. Although he wears many hats, both literally and figuratively, there is no doubt that his strongest passion and talent remains in creating catchy hip hop tunes that have inspired and re- inspired just about everybody he has come in contact with.

A student of the culture, Fidel emerged himself into all the elements of Hip Hop in it’s golden age. Graffiti, DJ- ing, break dancing and rapping completed him and filled voids that many minority single parent children growing up in the suburbs of New York City acquire. Excited to get home from school and put on video music box and hope that one of his favorites like LL, Slick Rick, Kane or Kool G Rap would be on, he never would have thought later in life, Kool G Rap would be one of his features. This happened in 2006 during the release of Cashflow’s first studio album Entitled Year Of The Hustler.

Next came an appearance on BET’s rap city and numerous performances opening up for most major artists that toured Orlando, Florida, Fidel continued to master his craft as well as expand into other areas of entertainment. It was the God Rakim himself, who inspired Fidel to move to Orlando, Florida after Fidel opened up for Rakim at Club embassy while on vacation. Rakim explained the importance of staying consistent and keeping your quality at the highest level in everything you do. He also taught Fidel about what to expect on the road to success.

“Ever since that day, I have never looked back, “ says Fidel. Rather than a road to success, Fidel has embarked on a successful road, finding both personal fulfillment and financial profits in the entire realm of entertainment by expanding his brand into a print and online publication Pure Cash Magazine, as well as a visual production and song writing company, Pure Cash Entertainment.

Displaying lots of growth and improvement in his delivery, topics and flow, Fidel has consistently put out at least one music project each year since independently dropping his first album in 2006. Currently recording his next studio album that includes a collaboration from Flip Mode Squad’s own Rampage, as well as Loaded Lux and Willie Maze on Diddy, Jay or 50, in which he takes you on a trip through his thought process of who he should sign to, Fidel Cashflow defines his mission of becoming a household name one word: Relentless!